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1 Department of Mathematics, University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan

2 Faculty of Science, Van Yuzuncu Yıl University, Zeve Campus, Tuşba, 65080, Van, Turkey

3 Department of Applied Mathematics, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) Narmak, 16844, Tehran, Iran

4 Faculty of Education, Van Yuzuncu Yıl University, Van, Turkey


A topological index (TI) is a positive real number associated with the graph of molecule and remains invariant up to graph isomorphism. Until now, several TIs are defined and there are mainly three types: Degree depending, distance depending and spectrum depending. All these TIs found huge applications in pharmacy, theoretical chemistry and especially in QSPR/QSAR research. The aim of our study was to compute degree depending TIs for Hex board graph and its line graph. We firstly computed M-polynomial and by applying calculus, we computed several degree-based topological indices of Hex board graph and its line graph.

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