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1 Department of Chemistry, College of Science for women, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

2 College of Medicine, University of Al-Mustensiria, Iraq


The aim of this study: to estimate OPG levels in serum of patients with thyroid disorder and thyroid disorder + type 2 diabetics and the relationship between them.
The study was conducted on 105 subjects and they were divided into three groups with these inclusion criteria: 70 thyroid disorders and thyroid diabetes patients (female) and 35 healthy controls. The age range was 18 –45 years.
The parameters which have been measured include:-Age, BMI, TT3, TT4, TSH, FBS, Insulin hormone, HOMA-IR and those of the lipid function test. COL, Tg, HDL, VLDL, and LDL. Our results support that hypothyroidism is not the main reason for type 2 diabetes mellitus, but the altered lipid profile in hypothyroid patients is the main implicated in incidence of prediabetes, which represents HOMA-IR resistance and risk for development of type 2 diabetic mellitus. Conclusion Depending on the results obtained during this study, the increase in osteoprotegrine levels in hypothyroid and hypothyroid + type 2 DM is not related to these diseases. In other words, OPG is not legitimately ensnared in hypothyroidism or type 2 diabetic mellitus pathogenesis. Moreover, the disorders in lipid profile levels were legitimately ensnared in hypothyroidism which develops.

Graphical Abstract

Evaluation of the osteoprotegerin and insulin levels in patient's serum with hypothyroid and hypothyroid with type 2 diabetes mellitus


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