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Department of Chemistry, College of Education, University of Samarra, Samarra, Iraq


A simple, rapid and accurate spectrophotometric method is proposed to determine Phenobarbital (PHB) based on the coupling of 2,6-Dichloroindophenol sodium salt hydrate (DSH) with PHB to give a new ligand which reacts with gold nanoparticles in alkaline medium at (30-40oC) to give an intense blue-green colored chelate complex having maximum absorption at 600nm. The optimization of the experimental conditions is described. Beer’s Law is obeyed at concentration range up to 5-45μg/ml with molar absorptivity 2368.797 L/mol.cm, Sandell's index was 0.09803 (μg/cm2) The correlation coefficient, limit of detection and limit of quantification were 0.9984, 1.3002μg/ml and 4.3342μg/ml, respectively. The method has been successfully used to determine the Phenobarbital concentration in pharmaceutical preparation.

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Spectrophotometric determination of phenobarbital in pharmaceutical preparation using gold nanoparticles


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