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1 University of Mosul

2 Chemistry Department, College of Science, University of Mosul



Carbon nanoflakes were fabricated from domestic waste tea leaves as a bio-alternative source of carbon in one step. The fabricated nanoflakes based-carbon were characterized by field-emission scanning electron microscope, energy dispersive X-ray analysis and Raman Spectroscopy. In addition, thermogravimetric analysis was investigated in order to examine the thermal stability of the products.

The morphology of the products showed observation of flakes carbon nanomaterials having thin graphitic outer mono shell with diameter about 35 nm and different monoliths sizes of about 15 to 180 nm. The as obtained materials demonstrated good thermal stability with a yield of 48% due to high temperature used in the deposition stage. The fabrication showed that the temperature range of the deposition step in addition to the cooling step play major role in the formation of the nanoflakes.

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Bio-based Carbon Nanomaterials Synthesis from Waste Tea


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