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1 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan, Pakistan

2 Department of Mathematics, The University of Lahore, Pakpattan Campus, Pakistan

3 School of Information Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, China

4 School of Mathematics and Physics, Anhui Jianzhu University, Hefei 230601, P.R. China



Graph theory plays a vital role in modeling and designing any chemical structure or chemical network. Chemical graph theory helps to understand the molecular structural properties of a molecular graph. The molecular graph is a graph consisting of atoms called vertices and the chemical bond between atoms called edges. In this paper, we have computed the various types of degree-based fifth M-Zagreb indices, general fifth M-Zagreb indices, fifth hyper-M-Zagreb indices, general fifth M1-Zagreb polynomial, general fifth M2-Zagreb polynomial, fifth M1-Zagreb polynomial and fifth M2-Zagreb polynomial, fifth hyper-M1-Zagreb polynomial, fifth hyper-M2-Zagreb polynomial  and fifth M3-Zagreb index and their polynomials of a molecular graph namely carbon graphite denoted by CG(m,n) for t-levels.

Graphical Abstract

General fifth M-Zagreb indices and fifth M-Zagreb polynomials of carbon graphite


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