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1 Civil Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch, Iran

2 Department of Petroleume Enginnering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


This research study aimed at evaluating the effect of tear phenomenon of the hydraulic hoses of the road construction machineries on loss and profits of the projects. One of the important and main challenges of the heavy and semi-heavy machineries which are used in the road construction industry is the hose tear phenomenon. This incident depends on several factors including, the performance amount of machinery, weather conditions, natural and artificial factors, quality and kind of the hose, pressing method of the hose, and specially the skill of the operator. The consequences of the hose tear include the sleep of machineries regarding to their heavy expenses of purchasing or hiring, reduction of the efficiency of the other machineries, lag behind the time scheduling for completing the project, inappropriate performance quality of the project, and economic, social and political consequences. In this research, a real comparison between the expenses in two conditions of presence and non-presence of the hose pressing device in the workshop of the section 4 of the Arak-Khoramabad freeway, located at the 30 km of the Biranshahr-Khoramabad road was investigated to achieve the best condition, maximum profit and minimum loss. After evaluating all the conditions of the hose tear in the studied machineries, the results demonstrated that the presence of hose pressing device in the workshop was appropriate and cost-effective regarding to the economical aspect, performance quality of project, time scheduling of the project, social and political views. Therefore, it is suggested that the hose pressing device can be used in all constructive projects where the machineries play a considerable role in their performance. 

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Investigation and analysis of effect of tear phenomenon of hydraulic hoses of road construction machineries on loss and profits of projects


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