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3. Word file of Copyright form for Authors


Guide for Authors           

Eurasian Chemical Communications publishes original research papers, critical reviews, and communications on the latest developments in the all fields of chemistry with a strong emphasis on originality and scientific quality.


Eurasian Chemical Communications is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of chemistry. 

Note: Before submission, you should grammatically check your manuscript. In order to do that, please, download and install the Ginger software.  Link: http://www.gingersoftware.com/download

Note: For scan your manuscript before submission, please download and install Plagiarism software (Viper) via the link: http://www.scanmyessay.com/viperdownload.php


Note: Download the template of ECC and rearrange your manuscript according to our standards.

Download Template of ECC, Title Page

The authors should send the copyright form while submitting their manuscripts. Thus, please download:

Word file of Copyright form for Authors


Note: ECC journal publishes up to four articles from each author.

Terms & Conditions for use of ECC 

Copyright / Permissions:

It is important to have reasonable and defensible copyright and permissions policies in order to protect the rights of the authors and societies whom we serve. It is a condition of publication that, on acceptance of the article by the journal editor, the copyright must be assigned to the publisher. An Assignment of Copyright Form will be issued with author proofs or can be downloaded from an individual journal’s instructions for authors.

Individuals (authors, readers, ...) can use the articles for a range of scholarly purposes without seeking additional permission from ECC, so long as no commercial use is made of the article:

  • Authors can share their articles with colleagues and research associates.
  • Authors can post (archive) in an institutional or subject-based repository after printing.
  • Authors can use for teaching purposes in the author’s institution.
  • Authors can use it at a conference after printing.
  • Any use and/or copies of this Journal in whole or in part must include the customary bibliographic citation, including author attribution, date, article title, the Journal name and its URL (web site address) and MUST include the copyright notice. Individuals may not remove, cover, overlay, obscure, block, or change any copyright notices, legends, or terms of use.
  • Readers are free to download, print, copy, link to, distribute, and display the articles, as long as it is for noncommercial use.
  • To increase the visibility of the published articles, the authors are allowed to share their articles on social networks for free.
  • ECC is not liable for any content or for the integrity of the articles.

All types of the paper accepted by ECC are below:

(a) Review Article (5-25 pages)

(b) Original Research Article (3-10 pages)

(c) Short Communication (2-5 pages)



Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). References should be included using the following format:

For Journals, the author(s), publisher’s name(or abbreviation of the journal), year of publication, Volume:First page-Last page.

1. B.H. Rotstein, S. Zaretsky, V. Rai, A.K. Yudin, Chem. Rev., 2014, 114, 8323-8359.

2. N.H. Peng, X.M. Peng, D.G. Zheng, F. Yu, M. Rao, Heterocycl. Comm., 2011, 17, 223-226.


For books, the author(s), title, publisher’s name and address, year of publication, and the chapter or page(s) should be included:

[1]. Benson S.W. The Foundations of Chemical Kinetics; McGraw-Hill: New York, 1960; p 342



The Acknowledgments should be placed in a separate paragraph after the text of the review. List here those individuals who provided help during the research (e.g., providing language help, writing assistance or proof reading the article, etc.).


Plagiarism screening policy: 

Eurasian Chemical Communications does not allow any form of plagiarism. In accordance with our journal policy, submitted manuscripts are screened with plagiarism software to detect instances of overlapping and similar texts by editors and reviewers.

The primary criteria for acceptance and publication are scientific rigor and the potential to advance the field. It is essential that authors prepare their manuscripts according to established specifications. Failure to follow them may result in papers being delayed or rejected. Therefore, contributors are strongly encouraged to read these instructions carefully before preparing a manuscript for submission. The manuscripts should be checked carefully for grammatical errors. All papers are subjected to peer review.

Style: Articles must be written in MS Word and viewable without errors using the latest officially-released version of Microsoft corporation. Other files will not be accepted. Articles may be one large file or broken into many files.


Submitted manuscripts must meet the following criteria.

  • The material must be original.
  • The writing must be clear, concise and unambiguous.
  • The data are valid.
  • The discussions and conclusions drawn by the authors must be reasonable and supportable.
  • The information must be relevant and interesting.

Manuscripts should be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript through online. The Articles should be brief, clear and to the point, avoiding unnecessary historical background. Authors should cover their subjects with reasonable thoroughness and completeness. The articles should be reasonably subdivided into sections, and if necessary, into subsections. All articles are subjected to critical reviews by the editor.

Graphical abstract

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It is necessary to upload these files seperately: *= necessary

1-" Main File " without title page (*)

2- Title Page (*)

3- Cover Letter

4- Graphical Abstract (JPEG or cdx) (*)

5- Completed Copyright Form (*)