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Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Science, University of Benghazi, Al kufra, Libya


Alkaline earth metal oxides (CaO–MgO) are employed as a heterogeneous catalyst in the manufacture of biodiesel from non-edible oils such as olive, sunflower, and corn. The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of temperatures on the catalytic conversion of biodiesel from waste cooking oil using CaO–MgO. The catalyst was used to investigate the temperatures effect on the trans-esterification reaction. The best circumstances were studied a methanol to oil ratio of 6:1 and temperatures of 30-60 °C. The temperatures of the reaction has a considerable influence on the trans-esterification reaction, with optimum biodiesel conversion occurring at 60 °C and a yield 99%, with R2 values larger than 0.70. CaO–MgO catalyst exhibited 99% yield and strong catalytic activity. According to the experimental results, the CaO–MgO heterogeneous catalyst can obtain biodiesel of high yields that are comparable to those cited in the citations.

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Trans-esterification of non-edible oil with a CaO-MgO heterogeneous catalyst to produce biodiesel


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